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Queer Living Books: a call out

The library I work for finally did our first lot of Living Books for NAIDOC week. And are very keen to do more.

‘Living Books’ are different to traditional books, they are alive!
People from diverse backgrounds come to the library as part of the
‘Living Book’ program to provide the ‘reader’ with an exciting and interactive opportunity to learn about the lives and experiences of people living in their community.

Our first Living Book event was held during NAIDOC week with Indigenous people for the living books. It was a well attended event which was fully booked. The feedback we received was very positive with all people who gave us feedback wanting us to have more Living Book events.

Given my relationship working with Midsumma over the years, my bosses have asked me to source the 'Midsumma' Living Books. We've identified six different 'books' that we'd like:

- Elderly
- Ethnic (ie non-anglo, preferably no more than first gen Aussie)
- Artist
- Parent/s
- F2M Transgender
- M2F Transgender

And yeah, y'all have to be same sex oriented...well, except the transgender folks I guess ;)

You'd be working for about three hours, either morning or afternoon, chatting for 30 mins at a time with member of the general public who have booked themselves in to talk to you.

And it is a paid gig...a couple of hundred at least.

Please pass the word around. Anyone who's interested can send their details to libraryevents@melbourne.vic.gov.au

We're still in the very beginning planning phases for this, so haven't set a date etc yet. I'm really just scouting for expressions of interest at the moment
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